In Chile, air pollution affects more than 12 million people


Using nanotechnology in additives to stimulate photosynthesis on multiple surfaces and materials

About the company

Photio was founded in 2019 by three Chilean engineers who worked in mining and experienced first-hand the pollution problem in northern Chile. Their technology comprises of a complex of nanoparticles that can be added as an additive into paints, asphalt, concrete, and even plastics or fabrics. When it comes in contact with solar radiation, it promotes the degradation of polluting gases, transforming walls or roads into air purifiers, which are capable of transforming polluting gases into substances that no longer represent a danger to people's health or the environment. The technology is currently capable of treating about 10 different types of gases, and in a transversal way has a maximum decontamination potential equivalent to that of 2 mature trees (about 204 kg CO2,eq per square meter). Visit website



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Chile / United States / Peru