40% of global energy consumption and CO2 emissions originates from buildings


GapS solution using building facades to capture carbon and improve air quality

About the company

PurCity was established in 2019. Their solution (GapS) consists of novel industrial facade panels (which are substitutes for exterior facades/flat surfaces of any new or existing buildings), and a self-cleaning CO2 capture air purification system that directly captures CO2 (eq. 1,036 mature trees), cleans air, saves energy (≈50%) and produces by-products that can be sold. The cleaned air is distributed throughout the building through the air conditioning system (HVAC), while the collected liquid is purified to produce by-products like hydrogen and CO2 for sale. Their solution decreases the air temperature by -5 to -7 degrees, resulting in about 50% energy savings on the HVAC system, and also provides -20 degrees insulation on the building.

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Denmark / Belgium