Transport options

Once you’ve arrived at Expo City Dubai, you’ll find it’s always safe and easy to wander around. And while no cars are allowed, there are plenty of other options for anyone wanting or needing another way to see the city.


Visitors can rent or bring their own bikes, and tenants are free to cycle around the city too.

Mobility on site bicycle 448x280

Rental buggies

For a quicker way to travel around Expo City Dubai, hire a golf buggy and pay either per trip or per hour. People of Determination can use the buggies for free, while tenants can register their own private buggies.


Mobility on site scooter 448x280

Another simple yet speedy method of moving around Expo City Dubai, scooters are available to rent or you can bring your own.

Train shuttle service

Hop onboard at key locations across the city, for an easy and entertaining way to see the sights.