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People of Determination

In the United Arab Emirates, people with disabilities are officially referred to as people of determination. The term reflects the UAE’s mission to create an inclusive, barrier-free, rights-based society that promotes, protects and ensures the self-determination of everyone with the aim to empower people of determination and their families. As you visit Expo City Dubai and travel around Dubai and the UAE, you may hear people using this term and see signs for facilities or programs for people of determination (POD).


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These are the features and section for visitors with specific accessibility needs.

General city features

Expo City Dubai prioritizes accessibility with well-maintained ramps, tactile guide paths, designated parking, accessible restrooms, and clear signage. We're committed to an inclusive experience for all.

Features for visitors with reduced mobility

For visitors with reduced mobility, Expo City Dubai offers accessible pathways, elevators and wheelchairs. Our commitment to inclusivity ensures that everyone can enjoy the city.

Features for blind or low-vision visitors

We cater to blind and low-vision visitors with tactile maps, audio guides, and braille signage. Explore Expo City Dubai with confidence, embracing a world of experiences.

Features for deaf or hard-of-hearing visitors

At Expo City Dubai, we provide sign language interpreters and captioned content, making our attractions and events accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing visitors.

Features for visitors with autism or with sensory processing disorder

Expo City Dubai offers sensory-friendly spaces, quiet areas, and sensory-inclusive resources for visitors with autism or sensory processing disorder. Your comfort and enjoyment are our priorities.

EXPO 2020

Building on the success of Expo 2020 Dubai

Expo City builds on the legacy of Expo 2020 Dubai, which set new accessibility benchmarks:

  • Expo 2020 was certified a Sensory Accessible Event by Sensory Access after meeting the standards and criteria set by the International Board of Sensory Accessibility, becoming the first World Expo and the first event in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia to be granted this certification
  • Expo 2020 was the first event to be named as a member of The Valuable 500 – a collective of global businesses and corporations dedicated to business inclusivity

Al Wasl Plaza | Venue capacity: 1,000

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