We have a responsibility

We know that every actor has a role to play in ensuring future generations can enjoy a greener and better world. Expo City Dubai – serving as a blueprint for sustainable urban living – is committed to making this a reality.

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Our approach

As an inclusive, innovation-driven, people-centric city committed to maximising its social, environmental and economic benefits, sustainability is embedded into everything we do.

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Enabling you

Community initiatives

Expo City Dubai engages its community of tenants, visitors, employees, school groups, youth and partners to cultivate a strong sense of personal responsibility in sustainable living.

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Surrounding you

Built environment

Expo City Dubai advances a model for a sustainable and smart built environment by blending passive strategies with technology-based solutions.

Operational environment

Expo City Dubai integrates environmental and social responsibility into the city’s operations and events.

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Resources and reports

Expo City Dubai embraces a transparent and unwavering commitment to sustainability management. Fuelled by data, our resources and reports not only highlight our environmental accomplishments but also serve as invaluable guides to learn more about our social and governance initiatives.
download PDF: Expo 2020 Dubai – Sustainability Report 2021/22, 72 MB
download PDF: Expo 2020 Dubai – Sustainability Report 2020/21, 27 MB
download PDF: Expo 2020 Dubai - Sustainability Report 2019, 26 MB
download PDF: Expo 2020 Dubai - Sustainability Report 2018, 11 MB
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Expo City Dubai is the proud host of COP28


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