The city of the future is here

Welcome to Expo City Dubai, the pioneering legacy of Expo 2020 Dubai

Creating a greener tomorrow

  • Sustainability is embedded throughout the city, from the architecture to the school learning programmes

Innovative ideas

  • Explore how technology is redefining the way we live in a 5G-enabled, state-of-the-art city

Endless entertainment

  • Welcoming fresh talents and A-list superstars alike, there will be something for everyone to enjoy

Expanding horizons

  • This is a place to fuel imaginations, challenge ideas and inspire the leaders of tomorrow

Expo City Dubai Brochure

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Expo City Dubai’s meaningful sustainable impact is rooted in Expo 2020’s legacy

Expo City Dubai is committed to a reputable sustainable reporting framework and its principles of transparency, continuity, accuracy, materiality and balance. These principles equally characterize how we are currently embedding sustainability across Expo City Dubai. Part of our commitment to integrity is communicating our sustainability story, our impacts as we transitioned into becoming Expo City Dubai. You too can get unique insights into Expo 2020 Dubai’s social, economic and environmental impact leading up to and including Expo 2020 Dubai event, which ended on March 31st, 2022. These reports, each representing a particular time period and each receiving Service Marks from the Global Reporting Initiative, offer a comprehensive look back at Expo 2020 Dubai’s sustainability strategy and practices. These reports and their findings demonstrate our pursuit of sustainable site development, event delivery and collaboration, which all serve as a foundation for many more sustainable achievements to come at Expo City Dubai.

Researching Expo 2020 Dubai?

Visit our resource library at the Nexus, Expo City Dubai to access specialist reports and a wide range of publications on the outcomes, impact and legacy of Expo 2020 Dubai as the largest and most inclusive World Expo in history.

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Find out more about Expo 2020 Dubai, the once-in-a-lifetime celebration that welcomed 192 nations and more than 24 million visitors.