The North Pole is melting, and there's no time to lose!

You are invited to join Santa's team on a quest to become eco-heroes and save the North Pole. It's a unique holiday experience where families, both young and young at heart, will eagerly follow clues, conquer challenges, and mingle with iconic Christmas characters, all while wholeheartedly embracing the powerful messages of sustainability.

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15 Dec 2023 – 7 Jan 2024


15:00 - 23:00
New Year's Eve (31 Dec 2023) extended until 01:00


Entry fee from AED 20, additional charges applicable for some activities and workshops


Al Wasl Plaza


Come join Santa's vital eco-mission activities

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Santa's House

Nestled in the heart of the Winter City is Santa's enchanting house, a magical mockup of where Santa lives and works.

  • While exploring Santa's house, children will discover how he cleverly reuses, reduces, and recycles. From repurposed decorations to energy-efficient lighting, Santa's house showcases the magic of sustainability. This unique experience serves as a reminder that even in the North Pole, it's crucial to care for the environment.

Frosty's Farmhouse

Unlock the secrets of farm-to-table living, master the art of composting, create special reindeer food to sprinkle on Christmas Eve, and learn about sustainable practices.

  • Elves will be hosting engaging workshops, teaching children how to be sustainable. Using vegetable to create artwork, children will enjoy a hands on approach to creativity, together with gardening activities to help to cultivate mini green fingers, and vegetable arts and crafts that will unleash creativity in new ways

Santa’s Toy Factory

Dive into STEM-based sustainable toy making, combining fun and learning in a playful environment.

  • Elves will lead the way, hosting engaging workshops for children to create their own sustainable STEM toys using recycled materials. They'll learn to build toys like wind turbines, solar-powered cars, and more, fostering creativity and eco-consciousness.

Letters To Santa

Craft heartfelt letters to Santa using sustainable materials and have meaningful conversations with the elves about sustainability and eco-consciousness.

  • Here, Santa's elves will guide the children through writing their heartfelt letters to Santa, using sustainable materials such as recycled paper, eco-friendly markers, and earth-conscious decor. But it doesn't stop at crafting; the elves are here to teach the children about the importance of sustainability.

Mrs Claus’ Bakery

Inside Mrs. Claus's bakery at Winter City, something magical is unfolding. Children gather around tables to decorate Christmas cookies shaped like polar bears, penguins, and polar ice caps.

  • As they add colorful frosting and sprinkles to their creations, Santa's elves, dressed in their festive attire, join in the fun. In between giggles and icing mishaps, the elves will share valuable tips on how to combat climate change at home. Encouraging young bakers to reduce, reuse, and recycle while conserving energy and water.

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