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Embrace the spirit of togetherness at the Oasis Iftar, where the focus is on family-friendly dining. With nine food pods offering a range of flavoursome options for families, guests will enjoy a dining journey that starts with heartwarming soups, vibrant salads, and a medley of cold and hot mezze. Main courses will appeal to all tastes and dietary preferences with the extensive selection of dishes including authentic fish biryani, lamb okra stew, baked vegan cauliflower gratin, roasted dukkha chicken and tagliatelle pasta.

The menu concludes with a range of delectable sweets, including halawet el jibn with pistachio cream; lokaymat (sweet dumplings) with organic date syrup and roasted sesame seeds; assorted qatayef (stuffed, fried pancakes); umm ali (Egyptian bread pudding) and a locally grown and exotic fruit selection platter. Complementing the food is a selection of traditional beverages, coffee, tea and juices.

Opening times

11 March - 8 April 2024 | 17:00 - 01:00 (The whole month of Ramadan)


Starts from AED 90


Outside the Oasis Food Hall at Expo City Dubai

Minimum Age

All ages


  • Food

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13+ years

AED 150

6 - 12 years

AED 90

0 - 5 years



download PDF: Oasis Iftar Menu, 352 KB


Surreal, Expo City Dubai.

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