Mosque's details

The Mosque in Expo City Dubai, with its serene ambiance and harmonious blend of modern and traditional architectural elements, serves as a peaceful sanctuary for worshippers and visitors alike. Its majestic domes, adorned prayer halls, and lush gardens create a tranquil space that invites reflection, offering a memorable experience rich in cultural and spiritual significance.

Opening times

Open 24/7




Old Germany Plot

Prayer schedule

The mosque will be operating at all times, Imam will be praying all of the five main prayers during Ramadan.

Friday Prayer

30 minutes

Maghrib (Sunset)

15 minutes

Isha'a (Night)

15 minutes

Tarawih (Longer Prayer following Isha'a)

40 minutes

Qiyam or Tahajud

40 minutes (at 23:00 on the last 10 days of Ramadan ONLY)

Lecture schedule

download PDF: Lectures agenda at Expo City Mosque, 1.1 MB


Located in the Sustainability District, between Al Forsan Crescent and Sidr Avenue.